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Our cycle certification is a world class two day, 25-hour cycle intensive. We work with our Master Trainers who are the best of the instructors in their fields. Our certification provides 4 continuing education PTS and FIS credits with Canfit Pro. For a more detailed list of questions please visit our frequently asked questions section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Oranj Fitness Cycle Certification


Q: Who is teaching this YTT?

A: We are proud to work with the best in the business and have carefully designated a local master trainer to run this training. This trainer is an expert in the field with years of instructing experience leading people to achieve their goals. After undertaking the training, themselves, your cycle master trainer is a pro. There are full bios of our master trainers at the bottom of this page.


Q: Can you tell me more details on the training?

A: The training is hosted at your oranj studio for your comfort and ease of attendance. Be prepared to attend your training from 630am – 7pm. Each day will include two breaks and an extended lunch, cycle practice sessions and training time. A complimentary daily vegan smoothie and fresh fruit platter will be included in this training. Your manual is also included in the cost of training. While you’re at the studio you are more than welcome to use the studio amenities which include complimentary towels and products! Our Oranj Cycle training offers 4 PTS and FIS continuing education credits with Canfit Pro.


Q: What makes oranj cycle teacher training different?

A: We believe that incredible instruction comes from a great understanding of the fundamentals of cycling, and incorporating personality and fun! Students will leave this training feeling confident on how lead a killer cycle class that is choreographed to the beat of the music! You will brush up on your anatomy knowledge, work on sequencing, drills, timing, creating a class and strategies on how to become a waitlisted instructor. This training also values and respects student’s time and is condensed into an intensive.


Q: What is the cost of the training?

A: The cost to attend the intensive session is $425(+tax). In order to become certified, you must complete a practical exam with your master trainer which comes with a booking fee of $125(+tax). The Practical Exam fee covers the instructors time and feedback for you, to better your instruction and take tips and tricks to help set you up for success.


Q: What happens if I fail the practical exam?

A: If you fail the practical exam the first time around, you can take another practical exam at a cost of $60.


Q: Are there any pre-requisites for the certification?

A: We dive right into the meat (vegan of course) and potatoes of teaching an amazing cycle class. With this in mind, we don’t have time in this 25-hour intensive to train students in depth on basic anatomy. A prerequisite is a strong knowledge of anatomy.  Your local studio will decide if you are qualified enough for this training. We jump right into safety, muscle groups used for exercises and drills. If you do not meet the pre-requisites in anatomy for this training we recommend your register yourself into our Anatomy 101 course first so you can qualify.


Q: If I live out of town and am taking the certification is there accommodation available to me?

A: Accommodation is not included as part of your tuition fees. We anticipate the majority of our guests living locally. If you are traveling from out of town and unfamiliar with the area, our team is more than happy to help make recommendations of where to stay.


Q: What kind of meal prep planning do you suggest I do before training?

A: While you will be provided with a vegan superfood smoothie during your morning break and fresh fruit in your afternoon break, we recommend that you prepare a nutritious lunch to enjoy during your mid-day break. Cycle training is hard work! You’ll want to fuel your muscles and brain for optimal participation in the certification.


Q: Is there parking available for this teacher training?

A: There is plenty of parking available within walking distance of the studio. Since you will be spending the day with us, we ask that you be mindful of leaving the spots closest to the front door for the guests coming in throughout the day to attend class.


Q: What time should I arrive for class?

A: Please make sure you arrive to class a minimum of 15 minutes early. This will ensure you have stored all your personal belongings and are set up on your mat 6:30am sharp! Being on time is an important value system for oranj and we take it very seriously. We respect you and your time, and we expect the same in return. This standard also applies when returning from breaks and lunch.


Q: What should I bring to class?

A: Pack yourself a healthy lunch and snacks. Bring a water bottle, a pen to write with, a blank journal, headphones with a music source for playlists and your provided manual. Because we are running regularly scheduled classes in the studio during the certification, we ask that you store your personal belongings inside the studio room on the back shelves. Cell phones must be turned OFF (not on vibrate…OFF). You can use your cell phone on breaks and lunch hour. Otherwise they should be neatly stored in your bag on the shelf.


Q: Can you describe how my learning will be assessed/evaluated?

A: Upon the completion of this 2 day, 25 hour intensive cycle training you will need to submit a 45 minute demo class. You have two options to submit the final class, you will either do it in person at the studio with a room rental charge of $120CAD or you have the option to send in a 45 minute video of a mock class!


Q: Will I be able to receive any continuing education credits upon completing this course?

A:  Yes, upon completion and submission of your 25 Hour Intensive Cycle Certification canfitpro will recognize this training and award you 4 FIS and 4 PTS credits for continuing education.


Q: I’m excited about this training!!!! How do I sign up?

A: If you are paying in full please go to our Mindbody website and sign up under the Workshop Tab.

  1. Click Locations in the above menu
  2. Click on your local studio
  3. Head to Events & Workshops
  4. Choose the training you would like to take (the dropdown titled ‘all classes’ will take you there quickly!) and register online

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