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holly klinger

A native to the Okanagan, Holly Klinger’s love of fitness started at age 6 when she was a competitive swimmer. Upon entering University she decided to leave the competitive swimming world and refocus her dedication to training for sport as a certified fitness instructor and strength trainer. Holly has been involved in the fitness industry for the last 15 years, teaching group fitness, private training and coaching in Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria and Greece. During that time she has taken an interest in such specialties as spinning, kickboxing, athletic training, and now Sports Conditioning. Along with teaching an average of 8 fitness classes a week, working as a teacher for school district 23 and coaching two jr. athletic teams, she volunteers to warm up the masses as well as participates in many local events such as Run for the Cure, the Across the Lake Swim, the International Okanagan Marathon as well as other walk/runs for charity, Holly’s inspiration comes from her coach’s words “never accept that where you are is the best you can be, there is always a new level that can be reached and there is always something more you can do to get there, there are no limits”. Holly currently teaches Boot camps and Spin at oranj.

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