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Oranj Fitness is excited to be an official 200-hour GOLD Certified Teacher Training studio through the Canadian Yoga Alliance

Canadian Yoga Alliance Logo​Yoga teacher training is an opportunity for you to explore your practice while learning the anatomy of each pose in depth, the history of yoga, and sequencing. Our unique approach to this certification will provide you with a thorough understanding of what is “yoga,” how to sequence, how structure a class, and how to brand yourself while running yoga as a business. Students will leave our fun and intensive training confident on how to lead classes from Restorative yoga to Vinyasa flow, and everything in between!

Yoga Teacher Training

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This online training is a self-directed program that can be completed from home.

online yoga teacher training

200hr Online Yoga Teacher Training
(self-directed, from home)

200hr Yoga Teacher Training + Prenatal Yoga
(self-directed, from home)

Frequently Asked Questions about Oranj Fitness Online 200 hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training


Q: Can you tell me more details on how the online yoga teacher training is run?

A: Our 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher training is completed via our oranj online learning portal and is self directed. You will require a computer or laptop with high speed wifi to complete this training. When you have passed all courses in the training, you will be emailed an electronic completion certificate that certifies you with Canadian Yoga Alliance.


Q: What makes the oranj yoga teacher training different

A: We have a strong focus on anatomy, sequencing and business philosophy. Students will leave this training feeling confident on how to teach classes from Restorative yoga all the way to Vinyasa flow. In addition to your certification being affiliated with Canadian Yoga Alliance, with this training you can receive continuing education credits associated with CanFitPro. We also have amazing posture breakdown of both video instruction as well as manual text with photos. This is high quality and detail orientated content you can reference back to at a later date.


Q:Is there any prep work I should do before the training?

A: We recommend two to three months before you commence your training that you make sure you are hitting your mat a least three times per week. Come into the oranj fitness studio and take any of our classes! They will be great prep for your training.


Q: What is the price of the 200 Hour Online Canadian Yoga Alliance Teacher Training?

A: $825 + tax.


Q:  Can you describe how my learning will be assessed/evaluated

A:  At the end of each course, you will complete a set up to win review to assess what information you have retained.


Q:  What are the continuing education credits i can receive from canfitpro?

A:  Upon completion and submission of the 200 Hour Online Canadian Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certificate to CanFitPro you will be awarded 4 PTS, 4 HWL and 4FIS credits towards continuing education.


Q:  Does this training guarantee my employment at oranj or other facilities? 

A: No, completion of any certification does not guarantee your employment. Rocking your interview and competently displaying your understanding of safety, correct form, musicality, effective playlists and how to use appropriate language to motivate your groups may secure your employment.


Q: I am interested in further training after my certification is complete. What is available to me?

A: We offer mentorship training at oranj which is $120 per hour or $500 for a 5 week mentorship which includes 1 x 1 hour per week. We also have a 25 hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training available online to continue with your yoga journey.


Q: I’m excited about this training! How do I sign up?

A: Go to to register now! Bundle and complete our 200Hr Canadian Yoga Alliance Teacher Training plus Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and save 25%!


Once you commit to your training and make your payment, we are unable to offer a refund.

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