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Hello, I’m Tara Antosh! As a kid, I was told I was as “athletic as a doorknob.” Every physical activity I tried, I quit. I was like Teflon: Nothing seemed to stick. After college, I married, and faced years of significant health challenges and a lower back injury. After having my two girls, I found myself at my heaviest weight, constantly sore, mildly depressed, and utterly exhausted.
I was faced with a choice: Maintain my unhealthy lifestyle, or make a change. In January, 2013, a friend invited me to a HIIT group fitness class. I reluctantly went — and left that class exhausted and defeated… But a voice spoke over me: “Just keep going back. One step at a time.” I am so very glad I listened to that voice! I went back to class the following week and kept going back. The rest is history: I lost 70 pounds, my unhealthy lifestyle, and all my excuses! And what I have gained? It is priceless!
Today? I love all things fitness! I have been an avid runner since May, 2013. I love to challenge myself and step into new experiences. I have a passion for HIIT, strength based workouts, Barre, Pound, and Zumba! I love the energy of a group fitness class, and as a Fitness Instructor at Oranj, I challenge each and every one of my class participants to have fun, enjoy the music, build strength and endurance, and move forward toward better health and fitness — One step at a time!

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