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shelby marshall

Shelby began practicing yoga at the young age of 4, in the early mornings at her grandmother’s acreage. She remembers standing wobbly in tree pose, and the song sung by a crystal singing bowl that marked the beginning and end of every yoga practice. Now, as a teacher in Fort McMurray, she enjoys holding space for others to discover what the practice of yoga is for them.

Shelby began teaching in 2014, and since has completed training in Hatha, Prenatal, Yin, and Yogassage. She believes that the practice of yoga allows you to uncover your own authenticity, and encourages all students to do the same, to discover and connect with who they are at the deepest level. Expect to be compassionately challenged, downdog-ing to a creatively crafted playlist, and laughing to a few corny jokes throughout the class.

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