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rhonda van der veer

When Rhonda’s not helping people become happier and more active, she loves being outside biking and walking the trails, listening to the birds and the trees. Her love of animals helps keep her grounded and her passion for exercise helps keep her strong. If she were asked to sum up her philosophy on health and wellness in a quote, it’d have to be a line from Samuel Johnson: “Clear your mind of can’t.” She’s always been interested in fitness and in living a healthy lifestyle but she thinks it was after completing the Boston Marathon, in 2005, that her interest turned to passion. In subsequent years, working with a variety of people, training methods and training systems, it’s become clear that her favourite type of workout is one that challenges the entire body – a functional workout that she can share with as many people as possible. She likes the TRX system for that reason.

She feels blessed to work with so many positive, enthusiastic people; people who push themselves to be better and who know that wellness flows from the inside out. She’s learned so much from her clients over the years and will put into practice these lessons for many years to come.

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