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kristi piper

Life … where unexpected, dramatic events can throw your sails off course in an instant. That is how my yoga journey began.

Having lived a charmed childhood, I was completely taken off guard (more than once!) as a young adult, when the winds shifted and my sails were thrown off course. The reality of all that is ‘Life’ began to happen … to myself and the people around me that I loved. Serious health issues for family members, tragic and dramatic loss of young friends, heart wrenching and life altering decisions, and relationship unrest. My twenties … while filled with success and MANY wonderful, fond memories with good friends and a loving, supportive family … was riddled with constant emotional challenges.
At age 29, while seeking some assistance in processing my altered life course (therapy!) … it was suggested I try Yoga.

Almost immediately for me, Yoga became a ‘game changer’ and a ‘life saver’ … I was addicted! I loved how it made me feel … the healthy releases … the challenge. It was a breath of fresh air to have a CHOSEN challenge that brought peace and relaxation to my life! The intense concentration required to master poses, the learned ability to calm my breath and my mind, the transformation of my spirit, all of it was exactly what the Dr. ordered! I became a poster child for the obvious, proven health and psychological benefits of Yoga. The noticeable physical strength, flexibility, and toning aspects were all a bonus for me! Eighteen months later … I was ready to deepen my Yoga experience and practice. I enrolled in and completed the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, and for an added ‘twist’, I also studied and completed the Adagio Barre Training. Excited and pumped now to share and teach others!

Having learned how to ‘sail’ (on my mat!) … “like a small boat on the ocean” … I plan to be “sending BIG waves into motion” … as a committed ‘Yogi’!

I look forward to seeing you in my classes, as we navigate this thing called ‘Life’ together! Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.


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