halfmoon yoga products at oranj

When your practice leads you to the mat daily, you want your equipment to stand the test of durability. Halfmoon Yoga is a Canadian company, made and innovated in Burnaby, BC by a team of people who take pride making wholesome products using natural materials.

Halfmoon has the goal to share the experience of yoga and its benefits with as many people as possible to keep them rolling through their busy lives. Naturally, being a company with the goal of inspiring movement to achieve the same goal, we are a proud supporter of this company.

After almost 30 years in business, this local company lives and breathes the values of yoga: non-violence, truthfulness, abstention from wrongdoing, compassion and kindness. At oranj, you can get involved with those same values though our number of yoga classes on the regular class schedule, our 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training courses, and our charity initiatives through Mats for Metta.

For at home or for use in the studio, check out their tastefully designed bolsters, meditation cushions, yoga straps and mats. You might love the convenience of your all inclusive membership with us in the studio, but these products will be reliable and long lasting for your home studio!

find us!

529 Lawrence Ave
Kelowna, BC Canada V1Y 6L8

T: 250 448 5759
E: [email protected]

business hours

Monday: 6am - 1:30pm & 4pm - 7pm
Tuesday: 6am - 1:30pm & 4pm - 8pm
Wednesday: 6am - 1:30pm & 4pm - 7pm
Thursday: 6am - 1:30pm & 4pm - 7pm
Friday: 6am - 1:30pm
Saturday: 8am - 11am
Sunday: 9am - 11:30am