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j-me hannay

J-me is passionate about empowering women through exercise and is dedicated to helping women embrace and love their bodies. As a nationally-ranked Figure competitor, J-me is especially passionate about using strength training as a tool to create change, both physically and mentally, in her clients and athletes. J-me is a strong advocate of women embracing their muscularity, their strength, and taking ownership of their own bodies. She believes strongly in the two elements of the mind-body connection: ownership and agency.

 J-me holds a Masters in Kinesiology and specializes in Applied Human Movement & Biomechanics. Her areas of specialization include: BattleRope training, Bodybuilding, CrossFit, KettleBell, Figure competitions (contest preparation, diet writing), Met-Con, Plyometrics, & Olympic Weightlifting. As a coach, J-me focuses on delivering high intensity workouts that are safe, effective, and accessible to the everyday woman who values biomechanics over flashy moves.

 J-me will be joining us as a personal trainer, running fitness series, and teaching a Hells Bells Kettlebell bootcamp twice per week!

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