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hannah watson

Ah, the beautiful thing called life… And you get to read a little about mine! I’m Hannah, my family moved from Toronto in the late 90’s to this beautiful little town, Airdrie, Alberta. Growing up my mom was always singing and dancing, the karaoke channel was always on and random kitchen dance outbursts with my siblings happened (and still does) more often than not…Moving onto bigger and better dance parties in a professional dance studio! I have been a dancer since I could walk. Training in all styles including jazz, hip hop, acrobatics, baton twirling, ballet, tap, musical theatre, contemporary/ lyrical and cheerleading. I began assistant teaching at the sassy age of 12 years old and realized teaching what I love is something I plan on doing forever. I then began taking singing lessons and competed with dance and singing all over North America! In 2013 I opened a dance, music and yoga program at an early learning centre in Airdrie working with over 150 kids, with the youngest being only 19 months. Teaching basic sing language, solos counting, potty training, breathing exercises and basic interpersonal skills! I also coach high school cheerleading. Those spunky kids are too much fun! Working with kids is my passion, and makes my heart so happy! Dance is my entire world. Mixing the two and getting to do this everyday for a living is just a blessing. I love watching people discover, learn, and grow to love their bodies and minds through the help of dance, music and yoga! In the summer of 2015 I moved to Australia and taught dance in a studio in the outback for a year, as well as taking classes in Melbourne with some of Australias best! I believe dance is one of the best ways to get in shape and have an absolute blast doing so! I can’t wait to boogie with you!

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