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My yoga journey began back in 2006, dragged to class by my sister and my friend (both of whom I share the yoga and fitness journey with today). We had a rough start, yoga and I, as I believed (silly me), that it was all about how flexible you were – and I most certainly was not. Due to my anxiety, it was nearly impossible to stay for savasana, in fact, I was the girl to roll up my mat before savasana even started.

Fast forward 6 years and it happened! It was forced on me (a pitch black room made it hard to escape) but, I stayed until the end, I experienced savasana and all its glory. That was the moment I knew I would love yoga forever and decided to become a yoga teacher. I packed up my downtown office and never looked back. It is almost unbelievable that the very thing I was trying to resist was the very thing I needed most. With the tools from teacher training, I have been panic attack free since 2012.

As a wife, mother, yoga teacher, and realtor, I hope to bring mindfulness to the forefront of our self-care practices through the education of yoga and meditation. I hope to be a proud role model for my children to grow up and own, express and love their emotions and their bodies.

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