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chrissy fiddler

This short summary truly captures what yoga means to me:

Yoga is my workout. But it’s also where I do my best work within. Yoga is where I fall and where I rise. Yoga is a practice. And the real lessons in postures begin when I step off my mat.

Yoga has been “the constant” in my life. I truly found yoga in my late 20s and early 30s amidst having children, raising my family, supporting my husband’s dreams and many moves. I first fell in love with yoga at Oranj. Teachers such as Laura Martini, Sheila Chutskoff and Shauna Nyrose seemed to always speak words that I needed to hear. They composed a dance on my mat that would clear my mind and embrace my heart. I would come to learn that it was a combination of MY focus, commitment and willingness to being open to challenge, to accept support, and to peel back the many layers that made me who I am, that ultimately brought me back to my mat time and time again. From the early days at Oranj I would move to the United States and move another 4 times within it’s borders (It was the hockey life!!). No matter where I was I could lay out my mat and rely on the familiarity to always return. Yoga made me better at adapting to new cities, it made me a more patient wife and understanding mother. Once both my children were in school I knew I had to dive deeper in to the philosophy and lifestyle of yoga. I completed my 200hr YTT while living in Dallas, TX. I also completed supplemental training with The Yoga Joint in Florida. I honestly love being a student for life! I am currently having the best time teaching at Oranj and meeting the wonderful people who make up the yoga community. In my spare time I work on completing my 300hr YTT.

Can’t wait to see you on your mat.
xo, Chrissy

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